Culture of PR
Vitaly Pushnitsky
Mechanisms of Time
Moscow Museum of Modern Art
Ermolayevsky Pereulok, 17
may 2012june 2012

This was the St.Petersburg artist's first museum retrospective in Moscow.

The exhibition was organized as a joint project between Marina Gisich (St. Petersburg) and pop/off/art gallery (Moscow). The most important works by Vitaly Pushnitsky were exhibited in the retrospective, presenting the artist's exploration for classical and modern languages of art. For instance, in «Letters from the Edge of the Empire,» the artist builds Roman arches from the remains of a rotting fence, and in «SON,» the faces of infants appear to the artist in Tibetan and Chinese gods. Also, paintings never before shown in Russia were included in the exhibition, as well as artworks specially created for the Moscow museum of modern art.