Culture of PR
Beyond Seeing
WINZAVOD Centre for Contemporary Art
4th Syromytnichesky Lane, 1, bldg. 6
november 2013january 2014

In this unusual exhibition, artworks for the blind and visually impaired, which can be heard, touched, or even smelled, were collected at Winzavod. Twenty-five German and Austrian artists created these special artworks beginning in 2002: paintings, photographs, video, and sculptures created by special order of the Benedictine Admont Monastery Museum. Each artwork was accompanied by an explanation in brail. This was a chance for blind people to «see» graphic art, and for those who can see to understand what the world looks like without light.

Organizers of the exhibition: The Austrian Cultural Forum Moscow, the Benedictine Admont Monastery Museum and the WINZAVOD Centre for Contemporary Art.

Curator: Michael Braunsteiner.